About the University of Aruba

The University of Aruba opened its doors in 1988 during one of the most significant periods in the history of Aruba, when itbecame an autonomous island within the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Since its inception, we have evolved and currently consists of 4 faculties, namely the Faculty of Law, the Financial-Economic Faculty, the Faculty of Hotel and Tourism Management Studies and the Faculty of Arts and Science. We also offer the Academic Foundation Year program, which aims to serve as a bridge between high school and university by providing the basic skills, tools  and capabilities to seek successful entry into higher education programs.

We are a relative young and dynamic university with over 600 students. Our main activity is to provide high education level to our students. The educational activities are being supported by 7 offices & centers:

  • Library
  • Facility Management
  • Office of Student affairs
  • Office of Educational affairs
  • Human Resources Office
  • Financial Office
  • Center of Quality Assurance

Our permanent staff consists of 80 employees. We consciously choose to fortify our workforce with working professionals to bridge the connection of our programs with the working field. Per semester we approximately complement our workforce with 50 part-time lecturers. We offer an intimate and friendly environment with good primary and secondary benefits and opportunities for professional and personal development.

We are committed to keep evolving and growing to expand our services to the Aruban community in close collaboration with our international partners and stakeholders.

Our Mission

Bring together inspired people who conduct and deliver quality research and higher education in order to enhance the students' and alumni capabilities to participate in the dynamic and ever-changing world, resulting in responsible, satisfied global citizens, who are lifelong learners and who are prepared to positively contribute to the community's quality of life.

 Our Vision

To build an exceptional institute of higher education and research that is recognized nationally, regionally and internationally as a leader in high quality teaching and relevant research that educates students for a sustainable and dynamic future. We aim to be a place that underscores and fosters possibilities, liberties, and personal and social responsibilities.

Our Values

At the University of Aruba, we value opennes, personal and social awareness, collaboration, mindfulness, excellence, accessibility and innovation to help become the best educators and researchers.

We are looking for employees that understands Aruba and the role of the University to the Aruban community and are eager to contribute to our vision, mission and goals.

The University of Aruba is also part of the international community, just as Aruba is. We follow international trends and innovations in order to attuned to those foreign developments and the influence it has on the Aruba. This extrapolates in the way we structure our education and research greatly. Our employees have to understand and support this interaction and be able to embrace the student and the colleagues that come in from this broader environment. The employee of the University of Aruba is an inclusive thinker who with a great sense of flexibility to feel comfortable to shift roles and to move within different disciplines and domains. 


J. Irausquinplein 4

Phone: (297) 526-2281


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